eQuality Homes Development Granted Planning Permission

25th March 2021

We are pleased to announce that planning permission for our proposed development in Kirkby Stephen, Cumbria was granted last week.

Approval of the development by the Planning Committee will allow 22 new homes, comprising of bungalows, and two, three, and four-bed properties, to be built.

eQuality Homes is a not-for-profit organisation focused on making home ownership more accessible and we are passionate about building thriving and sustainable communities for all. We want to be part of a positive change to the property market in the UK and our aim is to remove some of the barriers when it comes to owning your own home to make it more affordable to local people.

Sustainability is a core feature of eQuality Homes developments, as such we want to ensure the development not only offers high-quality, stylish homes, but that they will also be built to exceptionally high energy efficiency standards. The homes will feature various “green” elements such as solar panels and we are also currently pursuing a community heating system to help reduce heating costs further.

A sense of community has always been important, and we have seen this more so than ever over the past year with the challenges that the coronavirus brought to us all. As such, we felt it vital that the development be a place residents can enjoy both inside and outside the home, therefore we have built in a community green that will provide open space for residents to enjoy.

Councillors praised the proposal, saying that it addressed a number of the council’s wider aspirations regarding sustainable development with one councillor stating, “The green credentials here are great and aspirational… I’m really pleased to see this development has included nine bungalows; they are going to be fought after I imagine!”

The mix of homes was also praised with a committee member sharing that they were happy to see the mix of housing and felt that the homes would fit really well in Kirkby Stephen and the area as a whole. It was also acknowledged that the types of homes that will be built is a good reflection of the types that we have seen a need and demand for.

As the meeting drew to a close, one councillor stated that the development “could well set a standard for future developers. It’s very impressive. It’s forward thinking!”