Kirkby Stephen

Kirkby Stephen funding bid approved!

We are pleased to share with you that our funding bid to deliver an eQuality Homes development in Kirkby Stephen has been approved by Homes England!

This funding means that the team at eQuality Homes can move forward with plans to develop the scheme. We have already started arrangements to tender for a partner to help us to deliver the scheme, and will also be working hard to raise awareness of the scheme for those who may be interested in being part of the scheme.

If you have already taken part in our survey we will keep you updated as this project moves forward. In the meantime, if you know anyone who would be interested in learning more about eQuality Homes please feel free to share our website with them.

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If you are interested in learning more about eQuality Homes and finding out more about a scheme in your area, please enter your contact details below, or scroll down to complete our survey and help shape our next development.

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We are setting off on an exciting and fast moving process and we’d like your help to shape the way we grow.

eQuality Homes is looking to obtain input and feedback on future schemes from people who might be interested in becoming residents of such a housing development. This feedback will be used to help shape eQuality Homes in terms of how it is structured, and future housing developments with regard to location, size, the type of housing built, and the facilities provided.


Terms & Conditions

In addition to the above survey, we may also ask for on-going feedback and input on the scheme as it develops (possibly through further surveys, or as part of a focus group). Any further participation would be entirely voluntary and should you change your mind about being on our waiting list, or about taking part in any on-going feedback, you can withdraw at any time and we will remove your details from our database. eQuality Homes and its delivery partner Prospus Group and its subsidiaries will process the data gathered from survey responses to inform and shape the eQuality Homes concept, developments. eQuality Homes and its delivery partner may contact you regarding future schemes and will hold your contact details on record in line with our Privacy Policy which you can read here.