Nutrient Neutrality Update

23rd September 2022

Like many new build developments our project has been impacted by recent Natural England advice relating to Nutrient Neutrality, which requires all new build developments to fully offset all the phosphate and/or nitrate from the waste water being generated by the homes once they are completed.

Phosphates and nitrates are currently adversely impacting on sensitive water systems, including the Eden, as they encourage algal blooms. These algal blooms reduce the oxygen levels in the water, impacting on living matter in the water system.

The challenge for house builders is how best to remove phosphate and nitrate levels from the waste water, which can most easily be done at the water treatment plants, along with the waste water from all the other homes in the area.

The team at eQuality Homes continue to work with the local authority to find a solution to this problem and we will update you again as things progress.