Our Services

We’re passionate about improving the outlook for those trapped in private rented accommodation with no hope of buying, rising rents, and little – if any – long-term security.

How can we help you?

eQuality Homes Cooperative Group Ltd (eQuality Homes for short) has a very experienced Board of Directors, who collectively between them have over 100 years of experience of managing and delivering complex projects.

In the last few years we have successfully help deliver over £100M of projects. 

Our team includes an RTPI accredited Town and Country Planner, a RIBA accredited architect, and experienced commercial and project managers.

We have established eQuality Homes to help other community groups to deliver affordable housing projects and would delighted to share our collective experiences.

If your community group needs assistance to develop a community housing project, we can help on a wide range of topics, including:

  • How to find and secure the right site for your scheme?
  • How to structure your Cooperative?
  • How to develop and submit a funding application to Homes England?
  • What the key design and planning issues are for your site?
  • How best to structure the Cooperative and the tenancy agreements?
  • How to maximise the chances of financing your scheme?


In order to cover our costs and to support our collective cooperative aims we do need to charge for our support, but we offer very competitive rates.


Please contact us: info@eualityhomes.co.uk for further details.